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Packa.Piece Kit

Packa.Piece Kit

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The Packa.Piece kit is your ticket to a new standard of smokeware, upgrade your bong experience. With the Packa.Piece kit you can replace your glass bowl with an indestructible Packa.Piece Bowl. Switch between an empty bowl and a freshly packed one in a matter of seconds with magnetic ease and enjoyment. Done smoking halfway through? Place a Packa.Lid on top to extinguish it, keep the smell in, and travel with ease. The Packa.Piece kit is the next evolution in bong bowls.

What's included

  • Packa.Stem (14 mm)
  • Packa.Bowl (Selected Color)
  • 2x Packa.Lid
  • 5x Brass Meshes


  • Type II & III Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Woven Brass Wire Mesh
  • Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets
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Faster Packing

Pack a fresh bowl on the side and replace an empty bowl in a matter of seconds.


Made to Last

Crafted with durable aerospace grade aluminum a Packa.Piece is designed to last any experience.



Designed to elevate your smoking ritual, the Packa.Piece helps you rise up from the rest and reflects your personal style.


Pre-Pack Bowls

Simplify your routine with Packa's Modular system. Pre-Pack additional Packa.Bowls and liberate yourself from carrying your grinder out.


How Do I Switch to a New Packa.Bowl?

Push the Packa.Bowl on it's side to remove it from the Packa.Piece and replace it with a freshly packed bowl.

What Size Downstem Works with the Packa.Piece?

The Packa.Piece works with 14mm downstems.

(keep an eye out for new sizes coming soon!)

How Do I Clean my Packa.Piece?

Safety of Anodized Aluminum?