Proper Usage and Care for Your Packa.Design Products

At Packa Design, we aim to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience with our range of high-quality magnetic smokeware. The key to the longevity and optimal performance of your Packa Products lies in their correct usage and maintenance.

Proper Lid Removal

Our unique magnetic lid system is designed for user convenience. To maintain your product's quality, follow these steps:

  1. Do not slide the lid to any side - doing so could cause scratches on the anodized surface.
  2. Instead, twist the lid a quarter turn to unalign the magnets.
  3. With the magnets unaligned, lift the lid straight upwards.


Optimal Packing and Lighting

For the best smoking experience, ensure your bowl is packed fully to maintain proper airflow. Using a jet flame lighter or torch is ideal, promoting even heat distribution.

Cleaning Your Packa Design Product

Cleaning our products is easier than their glass counterparts. Here are some recommended methods:

  • Use an alcohol wipe for a quick clean.
  • Apply isopropyl alcohol to a soft cloth or paper towel, then wipe the product.
  • Rinse the product with water and dry it with a clean paper towel.

Handling Scratches

Packa Design products are designed for durability, but improper handling can lead to scratches. Visible scratches within the internal volume of the bowl can expose the raw aluminum beneath the anodized surface. If such scratches occur, immediately discontinue its use to ensure your safety. By correctly removing the lid — twisting a quarter turn to unalign the magnets and lifting straight up — you can prevent such issues.